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Compare your monthly answering service bills with our single payment purchase plans or our flat monthly fees and no per call  charges!

The Custom Telephone Attendant pays for itself it 2 to 6 months!


BASIC:  Includes all equipment, voice dialogs, training and 90 day service.  Select the best plan for your office:

    Professional Office Package:  Pre-programmed dialog options to answer and route calls, optimized for a typical consultant or service specialist.  $  1275.00 *

    Medical/Dental Office Packages: Pre-programmed dialog options optimized to answer calls from hospitals, doctors, other medical professionals or patients and to route those calls with special attention to distinguish between routine and emergency calls.  $  1495.00 *

    Programmable Office Package: Includes our design services for 90 days to work with you and your office staff to customize, test, monitor and optimize a voice dialog and suite of program options to best serve your specific office needs.  $ 1800.00 *


STANDARD: Typical for a busy office.  Includes all equipment, initial dialog specifically programmed for your office, free service, yearly updates and four new dialog programs per year if desired.  By subscribing to this service, all new equipment upgrades and program updates are supplied free of any additional charges.       $  150. per month *

PREMIUM:  Best for an office where each call is of vital importance.  Includes all equipment, free on-site service, unlimited dialog re-programming and program updates.  Includes a personal operator assisted backup service. (Not available in all areas).     $  445. per month *



INTERNET CONNECTION FEE: Required for text messaging to cell phones and internet devices, allows unlimited text message (Short Message Service) to be sent for one low monthly fee.         $15.95 per month*

ALPHA-NUMERIC TEXT MESSAGE SERVICE: For alpha-numeric pagers in the Northeast corridor, includes Universal Service Fund and Network Service Fees:                                            $ 14.25 per month*

ALPHA-NUMERIC PAGERS: Two reliable pagers to choose:

   Motorola Advisor Gold: Four line display, uses one AA battery, rugged construction:    $ 69.00*

    SUN Telecom Titan II: Four line display with zoom feature, compact one AAA battery:    $ 149.00*

Service plan available covers loss or damage: Motorola Advisor: $2.00 per month* SUN TitanII: $3.00 per month.

* We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express.