Unique telephone auto attendant, voice mail systems, with SMS capability.

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    Your telephone is your business lifeline.  Let us show you how to control your phone when you are not in the office.  Never miss an important call!


  The Custom Telephone Attendant

    The Custom Telephone Attendant is a versatile phone auto-attendant, voice mail, answering service solution

for any small business that must be available to their customers at all times.  It provides all routine telephone

auto-attendant features with many custom features.  It is a compact, self contained unit that allows easily

programmable voice dialogs to answer the office phone on the second ring, obtain Caller IDTM   information

and, based on customized voice dialogs, route the call information to a pager, cell phone by text messaging,

or an internet device such as a "BlackBerryTM " or transfer the call to another telephone, cell phone or a voice

mailbox.  All functions can be accessed or changed remotely.  If you are a consultant, service technician,

small business owner, physician or dentist, this device will be an indispensable addition to your office.


Do you rely on your cellular phone?            Are you unhappy with your Answering Service?       

Do you have doubts about using Voice Mail services?

We provide more than just the equipment.  With 7 years of experience we will work with you to set up a system specifically tailored to your particular business with a customized voice dialog and programmable options that are just right for your office.  No other auto-attendant, voice mail system,  answering machine or answering service can match our products!

revised 04/10/2009